Special Risks

Special risk insurance refers to an insurance policy that is non-traditional or unusual because the person or entity insured is more exposed to certain risks. These unusual risks might be attributed to the dangerous nature of the insured’s profession or industry.


This policy is designed to pay the outstanding debt in the event that the borrower dies, is permanently disabled or loses his job.

Kidnap and Ransome

This insurance is designed to protect individuals and corporations operating in high risks areas in the country. It is an indemnity policy as it reimburses expenses already incurred by the Insured.

Aviation Insurance

Aviation Insurance provides cover for loss or damage from whatsoever cause, while the aircraft is in flight, taxing, on the ground and moored.

Marine Hull

This is designed to provide cover for various types of barges, Tugs Ferries, Cruise and other forms of sea borne vessels against loss, damage, …

Oil & Gas

This policy provides policyholders with an avenue for medium to long term savings and a lump sum benefit at the end of the selected duration.

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